Universal Potting Substrate

Van Egmond Universal Potting Substrate is composed of high-end raw materials, providing the right aeration and moisture ratio for your plants’ root system. Lime and standard fertiliser are also added to the mixture, ensuring that your plants have the right amount of main and trace elements available during the first 4 to 6 weeks. This makes Van Egmond Universal Potting Substrate suitable for houseplants and patio plants but it can also be used for borders, balcony plants and perennials.

Van Egmond Universal Potting Substrate is available in bags of 5, 10, 20, 40, 50 and 70 litres.

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Delivery per block pallet
(100-120 cm)
5 litre
490 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560135
EAN 871772954008
Delivery per euro pallet
(80-120 cm)
10 litre
180 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560110
EAN 8717729540015
Delivery per euro pallet
(80-120 cm)
20 litre
132 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560115
EAN 8717729540022
Delivery per block pallet
(100-120 cm)
40 litre
70 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560120
EAN 8717729540039
Delivery per block pallet
(100-120 cm)
50 litre
60 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560125
EAN 8717729540046
Delivery per euro pallet
(80-120 cm)
70 litre
39 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560130
EAN 8717729540053

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