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Potting soil is the basis for the growth and development of your crops. It is for this reason that we are continually optimising our raw materials and potting soil blends. 

VAN EGMOND Potgrond B.V. is your modern and reliable supply partner who manufactures and packages a wide range of potting substrates and delivers them all over the world.

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" A suitable blend for every crop " 



From Oegstgeest to the port of Amsterdams

In 1997, we moved our family business from Oegstgeest to the more centrally located port area of Amsterdam. Our new location has its own quay, which means the options are limitless!

Today, we import and check the various raw materials ourselves through our modern terminal and, since 2007, we have been importing peat from our own peat fields in Estonia. Consequently, over recent years, VAN EGMOND has not only developed as a potting soil supplier, it has also expanded into a major supplier of raw materials!

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Committed and open character

Despite strong growth, VAN EGMOND has managed to retain its family character and an awareness that open and honest communication is of key importance. It is not only the quality of our potting soils that is crucial; 

You can trust us on fast delivery's at good conditions.

VAN EGMOND is committed to its customers as well as its suppliers and, as such, invests in long-term fruitful partnerships.

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Special potting soil line for garden centres

Every horticulturalist knows: well begun is half done! For this reason, we have developed a potting soil that is perfectly suited to the needs of keen nurserymen, gardening enthusiasts and landscapers.

Packaged in attractive and modern-looking bags, our potting soil line will certainly stand out in your shop. The various sizes of potting soil bags have been designed with the consumer in mind. As well as a range of different types of potting soil, we stock a selection of bark to beautify your garden and borders.

Packaged products, raw materials & mixtures



Explore our extensive range of potting soil mixtures, carefully crafted to promote optimal plant growth with a perfect balance of nutrients and sustainable, environmentally-friendly ingredients. Give your plants the best start and order our high-quality potting soil mixtures today for healthy and thriving results.

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Bagged Products

Bagged Products

Discover our convenient range of packaged products, carefully designed to meet your potting soil needs with ease. From compact bags of universal potting soil to specialized blends for specific plant types, our packaging ensures freshness, convenience, and hassle-free usage for all your gardening projects.

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Raw materials

Explore our premium selection of raw materials meticulously chosen for the production of superior potting soil. From organic compost and peat moss to vermiculite and perlite, our diverse and sustainable range of raw materials ensures fertile soil and promotes healthy plant growth. Place your order today and create high-quality potting soil for stunning and thriving plants.

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We do not deliver to private individuals. New customers will be contacted before delivery.

Minimum purchase is 12 pallets per delivery


VAN EGMOND Substrates is committed to its customers as well as its suppliers and treasures long-term, reliable partnerships.

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Ton Groenewegen

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