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Interview Plantenkwekerij Joost Schellekens

Joost Schellekens Plant Nursery, located in the Brabant region in Helvoirt, stands for quality, uniformity, and a unique assortment of plants in large pot sizes.

The mechanization on the farm allows for a meticulous approach; as Mathieu Demand, who plays various roles in the company, explains: "We roll each plant over the buffer table 5-6 times a year for inspection. Pruning, fertilization, and disease control are closely monitored. Anything unhealthy is removed; you have to keep the nursery clean. This method allows us to avoid spraying, and we have been PlanetProof certified for 3-4 years already." Mathieu Demand, initially focused on cultivation, is now jointly responsible for procurement, sales, and administration

A conscious choice was made for Multicote through VAN EGMOND substrate.

Joost has been a customer of Van Egmond Potgrond for several years, with Ton Groenewegen as the contact person. 

"Ton regularly conducts field visits and provides honest feedback based on his extensive practical experience. He observes certain things that we might not notice or realize too late in our daily work, and this is invaluable to us. Even when we asked Ton about his experience with Multicote, he gave an honest answer: it works well for other growers!"

Consequently, the nursery transitioned to a full dosage of Multicote Premier Standard. The dosage (3kg or 4kg/m³) and the duration vary depending on the potting time and the type of cultivation (acid-loving or universal). The transition was smooth, and the most significant gain for Schellekens lies in the cost savings for Multicote. "There's no visible difference in the plants, but we feel it in our wallets!" After 4-5 years of experience, Joost has no regrets about choosing Multicote, and the enhanced Multicote Premier, with higher concentration and an improved trace element package, adds significant value to their cultivations.

What does the future hold?

The demand for larger pot sizes is currently high, and our focus is increasingly shifting in that direction. We have, for the first time, successfully cultivated a Rhododendron in a 12-liter pot, and it's performing exceptionally well!

While the demand for peat-reduced or peat-free substrate is less pronounced among our customers, they are already cultivating with a 25-30% peat-reduced mixture. When the need arises, we rely on the knowledge and experience of Van Egmond to support us in this regard.

Contact Information
Plantenkwekerij Joost Schellekens:
Address: De Gijzel 39, 5268 CM Helvoirt 

Plantenkwekerij Joost Schellekens
VAN EGMOND potgrond, Rob van Egmond July 26, 2023
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