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About van Egmond Substrates

Van Egmond Substrates is a family company founded in the 1920s. Strategically located in the port of Amsterdam, our production site has its own terminal, offering endless possibilities! We personally import and screen the bulk raw materials like peat moss from our very own peat fields in Estonia. This makes Van Egmond Substrates a major growing media and raw materials supplier at the same time!

Van Egmond Substrates retained its family business character during the strong growth in recent years. The quality of our products but also open and direct communications are key aspects. For over 80 years clients have valued our top quality products, excellent terms and delivery.

Van Egmond Substrates is committed to you and treasures long-term, reliable partnerships. So feel free to contact us anytime!


Van Egmond Substrates is committed to its customers as well as its suppliers and treasures long-term, reliable partnerships.

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Johan van Egmond

Bagged Products

T+31(0)6 1829 7059


Mark Pos

Export manager

T+31 (0)613806623


Ton Groenewegen

Tree Nursery and Floriculture

T+31 (0)6 8352 9880


Marcel Kindermans

Tree Nursery, Pot and Bedding plants, Seedling and cuttings

T+31 (0)6 2046 7848