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For every culture a fitting substrate

Every type of culture has its own unique needs in terms of minerals, acidity and water management. By blending different types of raw materials like peat, cocopeat, perlite and other types of materials we aim to create the perfect breeding ground for every type of crop. We add fertilizers to ensure there are the right amount of nutrients available for the first few weeks. Or we use coated fertilizers to give the mixture a stable of amount nutrients for up to 12 months.

We create a substrate on basis of a few important criteria

  • Type of cultivation
  • Characteristics of the culture
  • Green house or outdoor cultivation
  • Watering system
  • Duration of the cultivation
  • Potsize
  • Climate

On basis of these criteria we build the perfect substrate for your cultivation. If you are interested in a specific mixture don’t hesitate to contact us.

Delivery methods:

  • Packed in Bags
  • Packed in Big bags (truck transport only)
  • Packed in Big Bales

Bagged products, raw materials or substrates



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