Baltic Black Peat

Van Egmond Baltic Black Peat is extracted from the deepest layers of a peat field, giving it a dark colour and a fine structure. Its acidity (pH) ranges from 3.5 to 4.0. The main characteristic of Baltic Black Peat is its great water retention capacity. For this reason, Van Egmond Baltic Black Peat is often used to improve the structure, to cover bulbs and as a top layer in gardens and borders. Baltic Black Peat is also suitable for plants that prefer acidic soil, such as heather, rhododendron and azalea.

Van Egmond Baltic Black Peat is available in bags of 40 litres.

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Delivery per euro pallet
(80-120 cm)
40 litre
51 bags per pallet
Article nr.. 560170
EAN 8717729540152

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